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We Have All The Fun for Everyone

How would you REALLY do against a burglar? An active shooter? Zombies? Now you can find out! Choose from hundreds of scenarios with variable endings. Or test your marksmenship on a virtual range.

We Have Firearms Too Choose From!

We have three firearms to choose from: A Glock 17, a Sig 226, and an M16 rifle. More than 1 shooter at a time can train (and compete!).


The system is for entertainment purposes only. Using the techniques learned in the simulator could get you into legal trouble. Consult Federal, state and local laws before carrying and using a firearm. Lowcountry Virtual Firearms Range is not responsible for how our customers use their guns.

Be Part of Our Community

Lowcountry Virtual Firearms Range is Charleston's source for exciting, safe virtual gun fun and training! We use a virtual use-of-force training system similar to what Law Enforcement and Military use. The system offers 3D Marksmanship and Judgement Training. You interact with a movie that tests your reflexes, judgement and accuracy. NO LIVE FIREARMS ARE USED.