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CWP Class

Gun Class Questions:

When are classes offered?

We offer INDIVIDUAL and GROUP CWP classes and we will work around your schedule!


We will have a PowerPoint lecture, take 2 tests (only 1 if your're military) and take fingerprints.

Here is what you should bring to class:

Handgun (but DO NOT BRING YOUR GUN INTO THE CLASSROOM... we will use them when we go to the firing range) Note that you do not have to have your own gun to take the class 50 rounds of ammunition A holster or bag for your handgun Eye protection Ear protection A non-refundable payment of $50.00 (certified check, cashier's check, or money order) made payable to SLED A good quality photocopy of your state issued driver's license or officially issued identification card A large manila envelope (to keep all your paperwork for SLED) A notebook A pen

How much does it cost?

Cost is $80 per person (does not include $50 to SLED and range costs)

Where are the classes?

Classes are offered at LOWCOUNTRY VIRTUAL FIREARMS RANGE ( located at 1414 Savannah Hwy Suite C Charleston SC 29407

How hard is the shooting qualification?

The range qualification will consist of the following: 50 rounds fired at a target as follows.

10 rounds at 10feet
10 rounds at 20feet
10 rounds at 30feet
10 rounds at 40feet
10 rounds at 50feet
Of those 50 rounds, 35 must be within the person outline on a man sized target. IT IS HIGHLY RECOMMENDED that you practice before the class to be certain you can pass this portion.

How do I join?
Send a request to join a class to

Once the class (either individual or group) has been scheduled, you can pay at this website: Once the invoice is paid you will be registered.